Strengthens immune system

Natural prebiotic

Reduces phlegm in airways

Thyroid Support

Increases energy level

Strengthens joint & collective tissue

Rich source of calcium

Promotes healthy skin

Leads to better sex

Improves emotional health

PACKED with 92 of the 102 minerals essential to our bodies

Best in the 757

U.S. Shipping Available

So far I’m enjoying the sea moss. I have used it for three days and I’m loving the way it makes my skin feel. I’ve also been swallowing two tablespoons, it goes down easy and doesn’t have a taste.

Rachel S.

No more stomach issues...

I’ve been using the sea moss for a week & now I don’t have any stomach issues. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Nicole G.

My moss came today & I must say I am extremely impressed with delivery. Cant wait to try cause it smells absolutely delicious. Will update.

Mary H.

Fell in love with sea moss but I needed to find a reliable source that could replenish my it with a quick turn around time. Mama’s Mermaid Moss did just that :)

I could feel the love & pride that went into my order.

P.S. Blueberry & Strawberry are BEYOND DELICIOUS!

Charlotte M.

I was super impressed with the promptness as well as the customer service. Having the sea moss infused and not having to mix it into anything myself is a plus and the taste is absolutleyelicious.So focu on your health & get into this sea moss

Keesha R.